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Sarah Calvert, Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, London

I first met Laurie in 2002. She'd been highly recommended to me by a friend who was raving about Laurie's ability to speak to angels, and about how accurate the information that came through was.  I had a consultation many, many years ago that I will never forget. The angels told me, through Laurie, that in the future they could see me speaking on the radio about sex! Laurie and I both laughed this off; it seemed so absurd, and so unlike me. I was happily working within the property investment sector at the time. But guess 2016 I found myself doing just that...speaking on the radio about sex. How amazing is that!! Laurie is a warm, kind, generous, and highly gifted soul. Throughout the years I’ve found the information she channels is always accurate whether it pertains to the past, present or future.

Before I worked with Laurie, I was wasting tons of mental and emotional energy going back and forth about a major decision about the direction of my business. In just 5 seconds, Laurie called in my spirit guides and had a clear plan created for me in just 15 minutes! Now I feel totally confident, excited and clear about what to roll out in my business for the next 8 months, and I’m no longer weighed down by indecision and frustration. Instead of feeling STUCK, now I feel FREE to make the income that I know is there for me. My only regret is that I didn’t start working with Laurie two years ago…I would have saved so much time and heartache!

Carey Peters, Internationally Recognized Master Coach, Chicago

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Elizabeth Purvis, 7-Figure Goddess Marketing, Portland

When I sat down for a reading with Laurie, I was stuck. I’d been wrestling with a particular creative problem with no clue as to what had been holding me back. 5 minutes later, Laurie gave me my answer – a very specific (and simple) action step. A few days later, I put it into practice and that night the block began to disappear. I mean, I could literally feel it dissolving in my body – and a few minutes later was writing feverishly on a topic that has eluded me for months! And I know it’s only going to get better from here thanks to Laurie and the spirit guides’ ‘prescription’!  Best of all is the relief I feel now that I can FINALLY move forward in the powerful way that I know I’m meant to. I can’t wait to see what takes shape with this project – I know it will be amazing.

Alan Steinfeld, New Realities TV Show & Producer, New York

Laurie’s loving assistance has helped guide me in love, business and family relationships. The power of her connection to Source has helped me connect to my source.  She is a bridge to the heavens. She sets the highest intention for her clients, so that they can achieve a life of harmony, beauty and joy. For the past twenty years she has been a vehicle for higher consciousness and awakening. Thank you Laurie for the integrity and light you bring to this world. Blessings.

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Emily Ireland, CST CranioSacral Therapist, New York

There have been so many benefits to my work with Laurie. If I had to choose the biggest result, it would be the greater enhancement of my own healing work, which affects not just me and my own family, but my patients and their lives as well. My career is flourishing! I also have been having more passionate, fun and enjoyable relationships with others, and I’ve become a calmer, less worrisome mother. But the most exciting change is that my emotional strength and independence has increased dramatically. I no longer feel I need anyone else to make my life happen the way I want it to. What I love most about working with Laurie is her kindness and sincerity. She is truly a loving soul, one with a great talent, but also just a fabulous person.

Nicole Karaman Therapeutic Horsemanship Trainer, Connecticut

Laurie has gently guided me towards my true nature and purpose.  Looking back on my notes from my early work with her, I have been amazed and delighted by what she saw before I was ready to.  I am so grateful to have met her and to have arrived at the place that she helped me navigate to.  Horses have always been my passion and I am now teaching equine care at a therapeutic horsemanship program, marrying my lifelong love for horses into a meaningful career.  I do not think I would have had the confidence to do this if it weren’t for Laurie’s guidance.


Meet Laurie

Laurie has been a professional psychic since 1999. She’s worked with individuals and groups from all over the world, from London to China, and Germany to Australia. She’s been commissioned by the British government, newscasters, famous musicians, and professional baseball and football teams.  

No ordinary psychic, Laurie is clairaudient. She hears any spirit, from the deceased, to the angels, to God himself, word for word. She gets the entire context that comes with the words: the lightness and laughter, the sternness or sarcasm. She always begins by connecting clients to their own personal angelic guides, then as needed she’ll call in angels who specialize in her client’s area of concern.

In a nurturing and loving way, Laurie helps her clients:

  • Understand and address challenging issues

  • Make decisions: small and practical to big and life changing

  • Feel better emotionally 

  • Improve physical health and well-being

  • Create thriving businesses

  • Transform relationships

  • Raise happy, healthy children

  • And much more!

Laurie In Action

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All Categories
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Glenn Klausner, Psychic Medium, New York

Due to the nature of my work as a psychic medium, there have been times when I’ve had a tough time getting back in tune with my body. When I sought out Laurie, she helped me communicate with the angels, who in turn helped me become grounded and back in sync with my body again. Laurie does her work from a place of compassion and kindness, offering a valuable service to others which helps them improve their lives. I highly recommend her. Thank you for sharing your connection with Spirit, Laurie!

Chicava Honeychild, Burlesque Entertainer, New York

I really appreciated Laurie's honesty.  She had to tell me some hard truths about relationships I was in.  It armed me with not just the information I needed to move on but with faith that better days were ahead. Our psychic session helped me nurture and love myself through the transition.  Her gift for tuning into people and situations is spot on.I really appreciated Laurie's honesty.  She had to tell me some hard truths about relationships I was in.  It armed me with not just the information I needed to move on but with faith that better days were ahead. Our psychic session helped me nurture and love myself through the transition.  Her gift for tuning into people and situations is spot on.


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