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Meet Laurie

Known as the “Entrepreneurs Oracle”, Laurie has used her psychic abilities and programs to transform people’s lives for the past 20 years. Laurie has been featured in countless press such as Rachael Ray, The Howard Stern Show, A & E, Dateline, Playboy, Maxim and more. 


She helps high-level business owners and entrepreneurs achieve success, changing their lives in one session by providing answers to their greatest challenges. 


She’s also known for helping public figures and officials such as newscasters, famous musicians, and professional sports teams. She was even commissioned by the British government to predict terrorist activities in the wake of 9/11. 


No ordinary psychic, Laurie is clairaudient. She hears any spirit, from the Angels and Guides, the Archangels, to God himself, word for word. She receives the entire context that comes with the words: the lightness and laughter, the sternness or sarcasm. She is known to give you "the inside scoop” on what’s really going on with important relationships, whether business or personal. In each session Laurie will call in Angels who specialize in your greatest challenges to give divine guidance in any area of your life!


Whether through psychic work or hypnotherapy, Laurie’s deepest concern and greatest joy is in helping you find happiness and live your most fulfilled life.


Playing Blackjack with God
By Laurie Gregg & Kellie deRuyter

"Imagine being privy to a word-for-word, knock-down-drag-out interaction between God and two angry, disillusioned women. Nobody plays nice here! He responds to their challenges with compassion, humor and a healthy dose of tough love. This book contains God's exact words as heard by Laurie, offering new information that is shocking, yet addresses mankind's greatest questions. It will help you live a happier, more peaceful life, and offers guidance and hope for the future."
Laurie has combined over 13 years of her encounters with God into one powerful book. Offering Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 as gift for you and your loved ones! 


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